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   Sunday, April 10, 2005

Better (than) Sideways you Million Dollar Baby

Until two hours ago, Million Dollar Baby and Sideways were my picks for best movies this year.

I just finished watching Closer.

Top movie I've seen in a very long time - not just this year.

Screenplay - I wish I could collect that much honesty into one piece of fantasy

Actors - Even bassfishfaced Julia Roberts was good. No one to love, no one to hate. They nailed it. Its nice that I can have a big crush on Natalie without feeling like a pedophile. She was 13 when I first saw her in the Professional.

Miss L called. She meditates. I like her voice and I like her tone when she talks to me. I can hear her smirk.

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At 4:02 PM, Blogger allison said...

[RC] LOVE that movie. And we read the play in my play-reading group a few weeks ago. Talk about intense.


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