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   Sunday, April 17, 2005

T minus 38 hours and counting

The Vegas trip draws near. When the plans for this trip came my world was very different (it was only 5 weeks ago!).

I decided, despite the self-invite from her (to Vegas and my life), I would give Miss W a chance. In the last five weeks it has become abundantly clear she has no place in my life.

Miss L has happened too. Though my feelings for Miss W would not be different if Miss L had not appeared, Miss L has changed the dynamic of the situation. Before her, what was happening with W and I only effected W and I. Now Miss L has granted me a small part in her life. What happens in my life, in whatever large or small way, now also affects Miss L.

I spent a good bit of yesterday with Miss L (on the phone, of course). We laughed and talked about movies and music. She let me read some of my favorite lyrics to her. I love that I don't have to explain things to her. She gets it. She gets a lot of things. Scary thing; I think she gets me.

I want to be every bit the person she sees as me.

She is always laughing at my off-the-wall comments. I want to be the person that makes her laugh. She talks of my intelligence and cleverness. I want to be the person that she thinks is quick and brainy. She admires my creativity. I want to be a person she admires.

I know that I am that person... but suddenly I feel she is in charge of Quality Control. Suddenly I feel something bigger than me. She inspires me to step-up to the plate and be closer to the person I am capable of being.

How does someone thousands of miles away do this?

I'm not sure but she has - and I like it.

From the very beginning I've been very open and honest about Miss W to her. Miss L has come into my life at a moment when I am closing the door on another part. Not too long ago our conversations about Miss W were more analytical more Dr. to Patient. Miss L would offer her thoughts, judgment and condolences with a dash of shame-on-you.

Yesterday I could hear something else. I could hear her wrestling with my trip. I could hear her wrestling with her feelings about me being in Sin City with Miss W. In its own strange way, I loved that she has started to care about me enough to care about my trip.

"You know there is a good chance you will sleep with her out there"

"Yes, I do"

I had to be honest. Miss W and I are staying in the same friggin room. Miss W and I, by glorious inaction on my part, are technically dating.

Last night I went up to Scooby's and Miss W was there (shocker!)

We sat with friends and played cards until the place closed. Normally we play after-hours poker on Saturday nights but I was dead-ass tired. I was exhausted. Why? Because all night I was somewhere else. I was in New Jersey and running back to the booth at Scooby's so I did not seem completely unsocial. Any second that did not require me at the bar was spent in Jersey.

"Hello? Where are you? It's your turn"

"Sorry, just spacing..."

I was missing a just-woke-up graveled voice. I was missing a laugh. I was missing banter. I was missing an unsaid but authentic caring in the voice on the other end of the phone line.

I spent all last night missing her.

So I've made a decision. One I should have made on my own but didn't. At no point has L said what I should or should not do this coming week. She has made no attempts to control or lay down directives (and that is VERY hot).

I decided last night, as I lay in the gross contrast of my feelings for W after a day of basking in Miss L, that I would not sleep with Miss W. Not in Vegas, not ever again.

I'm stepping up and in the midst of so many wrong things. I will do at least one thing right. Miss Waitress is going to get dumped next Friday after we get back. She is likely to get her heart broken. I don't want to be the selfish bastard that sleeps with her knowing this. Despite how it all appears, just because I don't want her does not mean I want to hurt her. I, of course, am going to hurt her but I don't want to hurt her.

As I've said before here, I don't know where L and I are headed. I am not real sure where we are right now. I do know that I've not been this happy in awhile. I do know that the world seems more orange and yellow and less brown and black since L has come into my life. I know this is something and I know I want to see it play out without fucking it all up.

Miss L does not hand out her caring like candy at the end of October. Her giving a shit about me is one of the biggest compliments I've gotten in a very, VERY long time.

I want to be every bit the person she sees as me.

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