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   Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We interupt the regulary scheduled reality to bring you...

I can't wait to get my work done today.

I am going to go to the Fresh Market tonight and pick out the scallops having the worst self-esteem. You know the ones - they lived short clingy lives over-eating. "Give me the fatties".

Then a pound of Monk fish. Nothing finer than a fish that tastes like lobster yet is not a bottom-feeding insect of the sea.

Chives, scallops, cherry tomatoes, garlic, mango and cilantro - yep that will do.

I will swing by the wine and get a subtle bottle of Australian Shiraz. One she's never heard of, let alone tasted. I'll decant it as soon as I get home.

I'll cure the wok and boil some water. While it heats up I will make the mango salsa....

The Monk fish will be seasoned, on wax paper and inside the bamboo steamer by 6:30.

Scallops lightly sauteed surrounding steamed Monk fish on a bed of couscous plated by 7.

She should be here around 7....

I will need to start cooking around 5:30.

I will get some cooking scotch for the chef. Not to cook WITH but cook ON. I'll throw on some Alison Krause, sip scotch and whirl like a dervish. Bluegrass and scotch while I paint on a plate canvas.

Hell, I'm even cleaning up the place and Sister is staying at friend's house. I better email her directions, she's never been here before....

Tonight I get to make Miss L dinner and I cannot friggin wait.

(we now return you to your regularly sceduled reality)

Still not funny, God. Not funny at all.


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At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOH...fatty scallops and Monk fish. Alison Krauss and Shiraz.
*Sigh* that wasn't fair.
But thanks for the thought...
Miss L


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