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   Thursday, April 07, 2005

What a contrast

I made a DVD slideshow for Miss Smile from the pictures her son took last Friday night. I brought the finished DVD to the bar. Miss Waitress came up when she finished work.

No joke every topic she started was a bitching rant. We ended up talking about a few positive things but any topic started by her was a complaint.


-why her music teacher now hates her
-why her wrist hurts
-why her new schedule at the restaurant sucks
-why her manager is an ass
-how her roommate/cousin is a pain

...today I got an IM from Miss Lookatme. We spent over an hour chatting. I laughed, was open and really enjoyed myself. She is clever and sarcastic without giving up a certain positive point of view.

I think about a virtual conversation with a woman 1,300 miles away versus a conversation with a woman in a barstool next to me.... and the one in NYC was more connecting.

of course, the comedy of it all (good one, God, you are always a knee-slapper) is one lives 3 miles away and the other is in NYC.

Getting some inbox fills from the Match profile. Let the ride commence!

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