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   Monday, June 20, 2005

None of us had perfect parents

One of my lurkers came to the surface and commented on my last post. He referred me to a post on his blog. I just read it and it is brilliant.

Here it is...

So here is my blogger challenge to all of you...
You did not have perfect parents (none of us do/did). They set your sites 'off' on a few things. Blog out one of the sites you now, as an adult, realize your parents set wrong.
I will get mine up today or tomorrow....

Be sure to comment here to let us know you posted and met hofzinser's BLOGGER challenge! As always, I will add a link to your post below (so don't include it in your comment).

Autumn met the challenge!
Foilwoman met the challenge!
Dopeybugs met the challenge!
Miss Tasha met the challenge!
Even I met the challenge!
Christina met the challenge!
Andy met the challenge!
A chick met the challenge!
Cyrus met the challenge!

there are 9 doodles

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Autumn said...

I'm not quite sure if this is what you meant, but I had already written this http://septembersgirl.blogspot.com/2005/06/what-is-wrong-with-you-people.html
before I saw his post.

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Foilwoman said...

Okay, I said something. One of my shortest posts ever, actually.

At 12:58 AM, Blogger You Can't Afford Me said...

i seem to have lost my blogging abilities. i've been trying to do a post on this for the last 2 hours and i can't get it. now i am getting too frustrated, so i have to stop. sorry. give me an 'F' for failure.


At 1:59 AM, Blogger dopeybugs said...

I was up for the challenge. Not sure if I accomplished it though...
But I tried, then got really sleepy, and posted it anyway.
Oh well...

At 2:52 AM, Blogger Miss Tasha said...

i gave in to your challenge... check it out Hof! :D

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Christina said...

I rose to the challenge, and as a result spent forty-five minutes shuddering at memories and produced one of my most lengthy blogs.


At 9:56 AM, Blogger Andy said...

I've posted my response to your blogger challenge on my blog.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger a chick said...

I did. More than once.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Cyrus said...

Better late than never?


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