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   Friday, July 15, 2005

I ate alone

Travel became a regular part of my job over six years ago. For many years I traveled three weeks a month. Now I only hit the road for work every two months or so.

At first, the travel is great. Each city is a new place with things to see. San Fran, Vegas, Chicago, LA, San Diego, NYC, Philly, DC, Houston, Dallas, City, City and one more city. Eventually they start to stream into each other.

You find yourself looking for the button for the 28th floor in a 15-floor hotel because your room last week was 2835. You find yourself becoming obsessive about your routines for packing, unpacking, settling into your hotel room, setting up your bathroom because you find comfort in a routine when you live out of a suitcase. You find that all hotel restaurants suck.

You find hotel bars are, by far, the most depressing places on the planet. You find that hotel bars are where bad bartenders go to die. You find that hotel bars are filled with nomadic souls searching to either hook-up, connect or desperately hoping to be left alone in their numbing.

What slowly starts happening is you find yourself spending more and more time in your hotel room. You find yourself spending more time watching limited hotel channel choices or spank-o-vision. You read a lot of books.

So it is Friday night. I am in my hotel room. I've not left the hotel in 30+ hours. I ate alone, I've read every blog on my blogroll. IT IS FUCKING FRIDAY NIGHT! Damnit. I want to go home and I want my girl there.

I will be home tomorrow night but my house will be empty.

As kickers... I get to go to the IRS for an audit on Tuesday and my Dad is not talking to me because he is pissed about something I should be pissed at him about. (I am not even sure that sentance makes sense.)

It is almost 9pm and A*'s free minutes start then. She will be calling me for another Friday night phone date. Thank God for her. I need some cheering up right now.

Your Uncle Hofzinser thinks he's lucky to have you and he doesn't appreciate you as much as he should.

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At 9:24 PM, Blogger Foilwoman said...

Okay, A* will take care of the loneliness. I remember the horrors of business travel, which I think are even more horrible for businesswomen. One of the blessings of underemployment: no junkets to Stamford, Connecticut on business.

Re the audit, I have advice. Whatever you are bringing in, have it neatly tabbed and organized. You should have spoken to your attorney or accountant before this meeting (maybe he or she should be with you). The point you want to make to the IRS auditor is that you are civil and sane (i.e., should they bring anything to trial, you'll look good on the witness stand) and that you have every record they could possibly ever want to look at referenced so that you could find it and produce it in a moments notice, i.e., without looking further all your deductions and assertions on the tax return in question are fully justified and documented and thus any hounding of you will be a complete and utter waste of time resulting in no additional revenue to the Treasury. That is the key thing they need to know. Talk to your attorney. An attorney who knows tax law. Please.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger WordWhiz said...

Uncle Hof: We are the ones who are lucky to have you!! It's Friday night and I'm sitting at my keyboard too. And I can't site travel as my excuse!!

VEGAS, BABY!! (Or NYC??) Dancing on the tables...I'm holding you to that. You, me and A...up on the tables, drunk as skunks, shakin' our groove things for the world to see.

At 9:45 PM, Anonymous christina said...

I love hotels but hate to travel, so I'm with you there.

And sorry my blog wasn't worth reading. I've been a little uninspired lately...not to mention out of town.

I hate to travel.


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