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   Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Actually get nothing done

/rant on

I watched the confirmation hearings for a few hours yesterday. I bet you thought working from home was always a bath of excitement and never ending crisis management (much like an episode of "ER").

Some of you know my political leanings. I lean as far away from all of them as I can. I believe the ability to survive the political gauntlet and actually get elected means you've made enough deals with the devils to prevent you from making untainted decisions.

The only people that make me sicker than Democrats are their Republican brothers. We gotta have them so let's do everything in our power to keep as much power out of their hands.

...oh yea, back to the hearings.

I found the contrast of personas between the long tables and the short table startling. At the short table we appear to have a respected career judge who obviously has brain mass between the ears. It also appears he uses crazy things like retraint and reason. At the long tables was a shooting gallery of clowns. One after another they postured, proclaimed, attacked and did just about everything but what they are BOUND to do by the Constitution.

The Prez picks 'em and the Senate makes sure they don't think they are Napoleon or that aliens have infiltrated our bloodstream which taint our judgment and health (basically, they can't be Scientologists).

Alito made it clear early that he would NOT talk about how he might decide on a future case without actually being the judge and without being presented by both parties in a judicial session. In essence, it would appear he takes this whole judging thing seriously.

Does this stop those idiots from spewing their garbage and asking his opinion on Executive Powers or Abortion? I wonder how many of them even realize that Roe V Wade was not decided as an abortion issue but a state vs. federal power issue. All Roe v Wade did was change which barrel of monkeys gets to choose how much control a woman has over her own body.

I have a hard time believing you can watch these hearings and feel that these dolts should have any say over what color the White House should be painted, let alone the reproductive process.

(wait one second, I have to put both hands on the lightning rod)

When a woman has an abortion she is ending a life. No fancy rhetoric will change the truth of this. (WTF? You thought you just read above that I was pro-choice).

I am pro-choice. Not because abortion is protected in the constitution. Not because you have to be born before you are a person or a life. I don't think the federal constitution protects the woman's right to choose.

I am pro-choice because the idea of the government having ANY control over reproduction is so fucking scary. You let them have any say over how a woman can use her uterus then get ready for them to get their grubby hands on birth control, how many children we can have and, ultimatly who can screw whom.

I refuse to screw anybody that Joe Biden or Orrin Hatch picks out.

Watch the hearings when you get a chance. Next time you are talking politics and decide that the government should take care of problem X or regulate Y, I want you ro remember the lineup at the hearing.

The government writes no laws and regulates nothing. It is those schlemiels that write the laws and regulate. Next time you vote, put one party in control of the Senate, the other in the White House and try and keep the House of Rashes as close to even as possible. With a little luck they will spend all their time fighting and actually get nothing done.

/rant off

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At 12:12 PM, Blogger Melina said...

And a good rant it was too!


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