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*Your protector

*How many doors of possibility

*You can never have it back

*'cause Uncle Hof said so

*Will be the game

*Get over it and try this

*Open letter that he will never read

*Actually get nothing done

1. I ask you to do one effing thing
2. Did you?
3. The socks betray him
4. There will be none of that
5. Leave notes in his shirt pocket
6. Trained in the gentle art
7. Put me in coach
8. Our species may, in fact, survive
9.Swarm Swarm
10.During the wooing
11.BUT not private enough
12.The bottomless appetite
13.The first time we forget
14.This is a nice litmus test
15.To get the ball rolling
16.She invited you back to her place for coffee
17.Mary Magdalene or Eva Braun
18.It will only smell and make you queasy

   Thursday, January 26, 2006

You will die

I am more powerful than God.
I am more evil than the devil.
The poor have me.
The rich need me.
If you eat me, you will die.
What am I?

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At 3:25 PM, Blogger babblingdweeb said...

You are "Nothing". :)

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Autumn said...


Well, that was my first guess.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

I was going to guess "nothing", but then I thought, "No, the rich need everything." Upon further consideration, it seems like "nothing" is appropriate.


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