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   Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Took the torch and made it brighter

I now begin to reveal the top 10 most important musical artists who released their first album on or after 1990.

The list starts with a surprise... number 10 was never on the nominee list. Number 10 is...


When people think about modern metal, they only think of Metallica. Metallica was a ground-breaking band and gets the award for bringing real heavy metal music to the masses. For true metal fans, though, it is Pantera that took the torch from Black Sabbath and Motorhead and made it brighter.

The band formed in the early 80's but didn't release their first album (Cowboys from Hell) until 1990. One of the originators of (what some call) "groove metal", they lived a true rock lifestyle. It was not odd for members of the band to crash into the audience and silence hecklers. Fellow Ozzfest artists feared the parties held by Patera after the show.

Dave Mustaine has claimed that Pantera's musical core, Dimebag Darrell, stole his guitar style from he and James Hetfield. Yes, Dimebag once auditioned to join Metallica. Yes, often Dimebag. Hetfield and Mustaine stretch a similar guitar groove. Yes, Mustaine will forever be the biggest BOOB in heavy metal history ("I have a great idea... I'm going to quit Metallica right before they become one of the biggest bands in music history!").

There is a huge hole in Mustaine's claim.... there are three demo recordings of Dimebag and Pantera crunching the groove metal sound back in the early 80's... long before Hetfield and Mustaine recorded. I've always admired Dimebag for never commenting on Mustaine's claim when he easily could of pointed the finger back at Dave "MegaMetallicaWannabeDeath" Mustaine and claimed he stole from Pantera.

You cannot hear good new metal without hearing Pantera's planted seeds. They brought intelligent lyrics to unapologetic music and never let down. When they felt a tad uninspired they, unlike Metallica, broke up (vs. putting out parody-like albums... I'm talking to you Hetfield).

Dimebag was shot on stage by a distressed crazy fuck fan in 2004. The wacko blamed Dimebag for the Pantera breakup and insured that Dimebag would become another tragic icon in music history.

Pantera deserves to be in this list and firmly starts the countdown to number one.

There are ten artists left but only nine spots to go.... one more will be cut and the other nine will finish the top 10 list. Here are the remaining 10 (in alpha order).... who will be #9? Who will be #1? Who will not make the final top 10?

Stay tuned

Ani Difranco
Dave Mathews
Rage Against the Machine
Smashing Pumpkins
Tori Amos

there are 3 doodles

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Mr. Drinker said...

Not that I didn't before but...
I EFFIN LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! Pantera in my opinion really set the mark for the genre. There is no band that has had the type of impact in the "new" music era. And as a guitar player, there is NO better metal guitar player, outside of Randy Rhoads than Dimebag. He will be sorely missed.

Great pic Hof...and thank you for listening to my cries. I better see you on Friday!!!

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Pantera? Seriously?
Um... I fail to see the importance or their effect on the musical landscape.
Your choices are wide-ranging, I'll give you that. But I definitely disagree with some. It will be interesting to see how you justify a few of them (and yes, I said JUSTIFY .
I still protest the axing of Nirvana.

I still love you, Hof. But you are NEVER getting near my iPod.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Mr. Drinker said...

Dan - I think people who don't really listen to them can't appreciate their contribution to music as a whole. Which is perfectly understandable. However, I can say that Pantera changed the landscape of the genre, therefore, they perfectly deserve to be in the top 10. Almost like the same way Oakenfold should be there...even though I don't really listen to him...


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