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   Monday, June 19, 2006

Behind the books

"It has to be somewhere!"

He hears the door jam of the front door giving way under the pressure. Whatever is trying to get in would; soon.

He pulls out each drawer of his dresser and dumps them. As the pile of boxers, socks and t-shirts grow the gun remains missing.

"What the FUCK!?!", he screams.

He hears the cracking downstairs. He has to find the gun before the non-model extra-cost upgrade door gives up. Kicking the pile of clothes he sets his head on a swivel. He imagines lasers shooting from his eyes scanning the room like Superman with X-ray vision.

Under the bed? No. Lamp table? No. Behind the books?

It sounds like breaking bones as the wood around the door splinters into a shower of toothpicks and wooden shrapnel.

He smells its breath from upstairs.

It has be behind the books.

It has to be.

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