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   Thursday, June 22, 2006

I give you the gift

I already talked about "10,000 days" in my Tool entry for the top-ten list.

Listened to it AGAIN last night.

Mutherfukka... it is a great album. "The Pot" is officially one of the top five Tool songs ever.

For you few readers that still don't own a Tool album, here is the Official Hof Tool Album Buying Guide.

Buy your Tool in this order. Get one, listen listen listen listen again, fall in love, listen more then buy the next one on the list. Buy, Listen, Rinse, Repeat.

1. Aenima
2. Undertow
3. 10,000 Days
4. Laterus
5. Opiate

Still need more? Get the first two albums by Perfect Circle. They are Maynard's other project.

I give you the gift of Tool because NOBODY loves you like your Uncle Hof.

(BTW, the note from Tool above was in every altered Undertow CD)

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At 6:04 PM, Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

damn. I was just crusing and I found your site. Didn't know I'd run up on another Tool fan. I'm die hard here and your purchase order list is on point. ALL HAIL TOOL FANS BITCHES!!! I'll check back often.


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