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   Saturday, February 03, 2007

When did I drink the Kool-Aid?

I consider myself a thinker. I am rational. I am intellectual and not a slave to my emotions.

Of course, none of the above will be true this Wednesday.

Carolina plays Duke for the first time this season in a few days. At 7pm on Wednesday I will become an emotional wreck. I will scream. I will commiserate. I will stress the f*ck out... even if we are up twenty points.

How? How did it happen? When did it all change? I am a loving and open-hearted man but I harbor real hate for the Duke basketball team. Real hate. When we thought the Duke Lacrosse team were rapists with sticks I still hated the basketball team more.

Sometimes I can take a step back and look at it rationally. I can acknowledge that Couch K is a great coach. I can tip my hat to a small school that has become a Division One powerhouse. It does not last long, though. Soon afterwards I regress back to the dark place where I know, in my heart, that Couch K eats baby feet for his pre-game meal.

You see five kids hit the court in the dark blue. I see five bastard children of puppy-blood drinking whores. I see five kids hit the court in sky blue. I see five golden boys who read Socrates after working all day at the homeless shelter where they healed the lepers with a touch.

Mike Krzyzewski has something to do with the death of one of your loved ones. Roy Williams personally escorts our relatives to Heaven when they die. I know this.

Driving to get coffee this morning I asked myself when this all manifested itself in me. When did I drink the Kool-Aid? I didn't hate Duke when I was in High School. I didn't hate them after I got my acceptance letter. I don't think I hated them my freshmen year at Carolina.

I sure as hell hate them now. I mean hate... as in Hate. Hate.

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At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Lizzy said...

dear libby just called to tell me this game was happening tonight. as dad so aptly said, "if duke were playing al qaeda in basketball, your mother would root for al qaeda." couldn't have said it better myself.

go heels!

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Kira said...

As a Duke grad who loves her blue devils, I can tell you that I honestly don't understand the intense hatred that some UNC-Duke folks have in this rivalry. I have a couple of really good friends who went to UNC, and I acknowledge that it's a good school with a good athletics program. When they play Duke, I want Duke to kick in their asses (harder to do this year...ug! four straight losses! unranked for the first time since 1996! I bet you're very happy!). But I don't really 'hate.'

However, that being said, when I went to USC/Columbia for my master's degree, something happened and I ended up really, really, and I mean REALLY loathing Clemson. Ironically, guess where I'm now a professor? And now that I see the Clemson students and spend so much time on the school, well, that hatred died out too. It's funny because if Duke is out of the tournament, I will root for whatever ACC teams are left...and if it were UNC vs. Clemson, I'd root for UNC. That's how bad I had it.

I don't know where it comes from...that idea of hatred of another random team from another school. I've sat down and analyzed it a lot because it seems just so strange to have such strong feelings for another team full of people I've never even met.

On the other hand, since Duke pays A*, you have to let go of a little of that hatred...at least just save it for the B-ball team ;)


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